Clippingpath2Image has a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to restoring old damaged or faded prints. The originals are digitally scanned and the digitised version expertly restored, leaving the original unaltered.Faded prints have their contrast improved, any tears, scratches and marks are removed. Colour images can be turned into Black and White, or Sepia toned prints. Eyes can be "opened", people or objects removed.

With high end photo retouching, the goal is to create a final product that looks real. This is exactly where we come in because we specialize in believability. Our principle photo retouching goal is to provide you with an image that looks real. You can be confident our long term experience with national and international clients provides you with access to the expertise to complete your task. Photo Manipulation services at Reed Art & Imaging can save you considerable money over the cost of a re-shoot. Clients continuously discover the benefits of using our photo retouch services and why many other photo labs actually send their clients to US. The following are just some of the reasons to use our services.

Clippingpath2Image can also do any kind of photo manipulation: change background or remove backdrop, create photo collage, photo montage. We can make a simple touch up or complex retouching..

We know how to enhance photo of your business profile, social networking profile and online dating profile. We have wide experience with photo retouching for advertisements, websites and catalogues; editing of auction photos, business sales pictures and commercial photos.

Restore Your Images!

  • Inexpensive image restoration services starting at $0.99/image
  • We fix anything: from simple portrait repair to full restorations
  • Remove imperfections
  • Restoration of old photographs
  • Prototype clean-up and face-lift
  • Build a product from scratch
  • Fix skin-tones/blemishes
  • Restore your images with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Discounts are welcome for bulk orders
  • Quick 24-hour turn around on all orders