ClippingPath2Image (CP2I) is a outsourcing service provider company which is also known as graphic designing house. We offer many type of photoshop services like Clipping path service,Image masking service, Drop shadow service, Image manipulation service, Mirror image reflection Service, Photoshop retouching service, Website image optimization service, Raster to vector conversion service. So why let these image knockout tasks hold back your projects. Outsource the image outlining task to us. Spend more time to explore your creativity.Our expert graphic artists does clipping path with all form of complexities. Clipping path with flatness generally with 0.5 flatness is done on images having feather or furry materials to show smooth edge. Clipping path with Shadow such as Original Shadow, Drop Shadow and Reflection Shadow is done on images to add fresh new look to images.

Clipping Path is a closed vector path, or shape, usually drawn with Photoshop pen tool to cut out an image from it's background. When clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted. Use of clipping paths in the photo industry has increased dramatically in the past few years. Because the result of cutting out an image from background using photoshop clipping path is the ever best method in terms of quality. There may have some other option in photoshop to drop out background but they are not used while considering quality output. A clipping path not only can be applied to the kind of images that have sharp edge, it can also be applied to the soft edges.

To ensure quality clipping path, ClippingPath2Image (CP2I) draws all paths manually using only photoshop pen tool. Once drawing a path is completed to an image, we apply clipping path on it so that when you place it in your layout e.g. in InDesing, it will show only the portion which was inside the path. Everything outside will be omitted and you can use whatever background color you want.

At ClippingPath2Image (CP2I), all high class professionals are trained in Photoshop and Illustrator, specially in clipping path & masking and have several years of work experience in the field. Clipping path are mostly used to hide the background of an image or to entirely transform an image into any dynamically likely shape, thus creating the masked part transparent or to any color background. The chief application of Clipping image are flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters, magazine, e-commerce website and nearly any field where usage of image are usual.

Clipping Service features:

  • Handmade clipping to assure highest picture quality
  • Paths are made exactly at edge of products
  • Anchor points as per curve
  • We define natural anchor points at curves area
  • Multi clipping path created
  • Color based clipping paths are created, it helps in color adjustment

How Clipping Path Service works ?

  • Send us your 1/2 raw image as "Free Trial"
  • ClippingPath2Image (CP2I) team will edit those whithout payment
  • Now check the quality
  • Accept our quotation based on image quantity
  • Make payment after your satisfaction
  • Set a deadline and delivery on time

  • We are confident about our excellent and fast pace service. Our excellent is our work, fast transformation and reasonable rate as always! We Promise - Quality, Lowest Turnaround, Attractive Costs, Satisfaction Guarantee of Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Photoshop Image Masking, Picture Restoration and Image Editing Services from Complete Online Graphics Style Organizations.

    ClippingPath2Image (CP2I) is that the nearly admirable figure within the manner for supplying the appreciating Photoshop Clipping Path services though seeing the simplest and superior quality with utmost gratification. Clipping Path is that the chief and most vital graphic Photoshop technique for different image editing services as image manipulation, image masking, photo retouching, image resizing, shadow creation, color correction and far additional.

    Why choose us for clipping services?

    • Hand drawn clipping path
    • Cost-effective service
    • Quick turnaround
    • Multi level paths
    • Redo at no extra cost
    • 24x7 Support