Image stitching is a service offered by Clippingpath2Image that overlap a series of images into a consolidated pattern that will make it easy and huge image with no significant loss. All clipping path experts skillfully stitch images without any loss to image but with high end resolution. The result is seamless image that has to pass through a long process of image stitching. It is not an easy task rather time consuming and tedious work that involves many steps and stages to make one perfect image. Image stitching is a technique which we use at Outsource2india to combine multiple regular-sized photographs into a single wide-angle picture. This is often referred to as a panoramic picture or 360 ° virtual tours. The expression "picture perfect" fits precisely into what we offer through our image stitching services.

Clippingpath2Image is like a pioneer in image stitching art who helps you to make your photos more attractive and appealing by reducing brightness from the edge lines and the result is a much beautiful effect as compared to original photo. However, it solely depends on the image that how much image stitching it needs. The image stitching group exploits all their creativity to deliver you the best artistic results as while taking pictures you may have over looked the focal length of camera lens adjustment but clipping path specialist know everything that how to adjust an image while overlapping pixels for perfect orientation. You can trust on the clipping path experts and rest assures that you will get only quality work with the best possible output after image stitching.

Expert in stitching are very proficient while handling all kinds of artistic work irrespective of the diversity and volume of needs and requirements. Once a real photographer approaches an image stitching professional he tells his demands and whatever he wanted to be changed on his portfolio. By following the suggestions of image stitching proficient he literally adds value to his photos and image portfolio. He not only feels satisfaction with the work he gets from clipping path but also share his experience with his clients who appreciate the work done by clipping path expert.

Flaws are almost extinct with our state-of-the-art digital image stitching services software. To create a panorama from multiple images, the images must be warped using panoramic software so that they can be aligned and blended together. We prefer to use PTGui, a powerful image stitching software. This software has numerous features and capabilities. Creating scripts needed by panorama tools to stitch multiple images into a large panorama requires a great deal of time and effort. PTGui is designed to make this task as easy as possible. We have experience with PTGui pro, Easy Pano tour viewer and other stitching tools.

Your Advantages

  • We give the output of the final image in JPEG, TIFF and other popular formats.
  • We ensure warping, aligning, and positioning of the images so that they lined up correctly.
  • The exact position of the seam between images can be decided. This offers the ability to disguise any minor errors caused by motion, shifting of light as a result of camera misalignments, tilted horizon etc.
  • Process of Image stitching

  • Assembling the images : After the images are taken and processed they are aligned together like a jigsaw puzzle in the order in which they have to be stitched.
  • Finding control points : Once the images are arranged in the desired order, they are examined closely to find areas that are the same in adjacent images. These areas are then marked out as control points and overlapped while stitching.
  • Refinement : While stitching is in progress our experts might spot flaws. These flaws could be unclear spots or unnecessary bits in the image, which are refined and removed through this step.
  • Perfection : The images are now stitched and set together as one single image. There are chances that the seams of the previously single images that were put together are visible. This step ensures that those seams are removed and that the stitched image looks like it was always a single, large image.

  • Our Stitching service includs

  • Rectilinear (spherical, cubical etc.)
  • Circular (spherical, cubical etc.)
  • Full Frame(spherical, cubical etc.)
  • Many more....

  • Easy and flexible services

  • With our easy-to-use services, you will spend very little time placing an order and receiving finished images. Upload & download as many files as you want for your photo editing needs. Track the progress of your order at any time. View, print or pay your invoice online by logging into your account. Paying once every month is even possible.