Clippingpath2Image has the expertise to convert a simple amateur photograph in to an amazing piece of work that will not have any trace of a modified image. iEdit Solutions handle all kinds of image manipulation to make a realistic image that is very different from any existing photo and deliver as per your specifications.

We have a well-trained team of Image processors who work with the heart and soul round the clock making sure your requirements are dealt with. They will attend to your needs on image processing and promise to provide perfect images at the end of the project and also we assure very quick turn around time. The team we have put together will take notice as to what you prioritize and work around it. We will ensure that you will make every penny you pay us worth.

Clippingpath2Image can also offer image manipulation service what makes a very ordinary photo into an extra-ordinary photo. Image manipulation has many ways to it. Manipulation of an image is done based on the requirements of that particular picture. Adding colors, shades, brightness compiles to a procedure that is Image manipulation. Objects can also be removed from the images, borders, backdrop etc. Insertion of objects can also be done.

Adobe PS provides tools that are used extensively for photo editing purposes. Our specialists make use of these latest softwares at grasp and work day in and day out to provide images which are perfect and as you expected them to be. For all your printing needs specially for catalog, magazine, brochure and professional digital photographers cpc promises to work with you side by side with this essential services to help you keep running on time and quality with all your pre-press and printing-productions at a very low cost and quick around time while zero tolerance maintaining the best quality possible you can even think of.

We work with a diverse of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We also undertake format conversion according to client specifications.

Your benefits

  • Low cost services
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Quick turnaround
  • Quotation within one hour
  • Volume discount
  • Triple check quality control
  • 24 hours customer support & service
  • All types of photo treatment services available
  • Monthly payment schedule available
  • Easy and flexible services
  • Huge amount of image processing capacity
  • Special price on bulk orders
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee